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Thursday, 9 June 2016

Brain Fizz

In seven short weeks I will return to the classroom to teach a class of 27 Year 7 and 8's.  Nothing too amazing in that, but it gets slightly more adventurous when I add that I am 'leaving home' at the same time to set up what I have told our kids is our rented summer house.  Our daughter suggested that Waiouru was not the best location for a summer house. 

Yes, I am looking forward to it. It is an amazing wee school hiding on the Central Plateau not far from where I grew up in Ohakune.  Yes, I am going to miss my husband while I am living in the 'summer house' but we have agreed that quantity time will be replaced with quality time.  The ideas to make this a reality are well settled in my mind. Yes, I am still working hard to facilitate well in my current role. At the same time I am offering to my schools I am gaining just as much from the teachers I work with.  Yes, my brain is fizzing.

I have had the privilege of 18 months 'working' for CORE Education - which has felt more like paid professional development than work.  I have learned so much. The origin of my brain fizz - so many ideas, so much to put into practice, so much to make work. 

Where to begin? 

Removing furniture and making space. Developing a collaborative learning community - particularly in Math. Working toward the students having agency over their learning. Genius Hour. Discovering there is an app to help me issue and manage my books that will make up the class library. Online collaboration projects to get involved in. Tweeting as part of #Kidschatnz.  Blogging to record their learning journey. Wicked problem solving. Universal Design for Learning. Including the things I love best - LEARNZ, blending the learning into something meaningful to my classes rather than aiming for coverage, cultural awareness woven into everything we do.  

Now it is my turn to be in the hot seat trying to make it all work - and reminding myself that fail is my first attempt in learning.  

Will I be building the plane as I fly it - most definitely. Will I be on my own doing it - no way.  I have a range of learning communities to support me, advise me, encourage me out of my comfort zone. I am also lucky enough to join a collaborative, supportive and future focused team.  

My biggest challenge is deciding where to begin.  The brain fizz is building - waking me in the night just like processing the learning as an efellow did two years ago. So many ideas to sort into their place and organise how they will all look in reality.  Which can I manage? Which can the students manage?  How fast to make changes?

Watch this space as I blog about my newest adventure - building and flying a plane. 

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