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Friday, 16 October 2015

Change of Heart?

#CENZ15 - Week 2 #Edublog Challenge - 2. Find a blog post you have written in the past. Consider whether your thinking on the topic is the same or different and blog about why your thinking has changed or expand on your original ideas.

I have been back through any blog posts I have written both here and in my eLearning Best Practice Discoveries Blog to find that each post was moving my thinking forward or reflecting on experiences I had which shaped my ideas about pedagogy. My thinking is certainly not different but has expanded.

I had thought that last year with the mind explosion that came with being a CORE e-fellow - we were renowned for prowling around our rooms at ridiculous hours of darkness with our brains in overload during our face to face time - I would slow down the rate of learning growth. How wrong I was!

Joining CORE Education as a facilitator has been hard work but almost like having a year on sabbatical when I consider the learning growth I have had. Going back has a whole new meaning for me now. There are things within my practice even last year that I could not go back to - and that had changed markedly from the practice I had used without technology in the past.

"Going back" into a classroom when it happens for me, and it will, has to involve the students being the driving force in their learning, assisted by devices connected to a cloud platform of some description, with a divorce from traditional, highly timetabled curriculum. I love the flexibility for my students that an innovative learning environment can bring - even in a single cell, knowledge building communities to allow them to feel like explorers going to places no student has gone before, maker space opportunities to build and create like I remember doing with sewing, cooking, woodwork and my first trials of programming way back in the day of Commodore 64 and Apple 2 machines. Another key component has to be collaboration well outside the four walls of the classroom for both the students and myself, the opportunity to trial, fail or succeed, reflect and re-trial ideas for learning that now make up the core values I hold as a lead learner myself. I need to have the opportunity to complete action research and inquiry, incorporate the future focussed themes, UDL and mindfulness I have been exploring, and ensure I find time for the cheerleaders who have suffered in the past - my whānau. It feels great to have that series of thoughts in print so to speak as it is something I have been dwelling on for some time, and will expand on through this blog over time.

I currently spend my work time encouraging an amazing group of schools to step outside their comfort zones and consider new possibilities.  I am asked on a regular basis by my teaching friends whether I will go back to schools at which I have taught in the past.  My answer has become that I may return to the school but there is no 'going back' for me now.

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