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Saturday, 10 October 2015

Encourage a Friend or Colleague to Blog....

#CENZ15 #EdBlogNZ Challenge 3 - Encourage a colleague/friend to begin blogging and help them to set up their own blog.

I am going to paint this one as done somewhat. In spite of not keeping my own blogs up-to-date I have been encouraging the teachers (some of whom are ex-colleagues and friends) in the schools I work with that are keen to do this. From this encouragement has sprung a wee raft of professional and class blogs.

I did find that it helps to share the netiquette used by bloggers (edtech2 , kidblog) and to sit beside them as they go through the process of setting things up initially. As most are GAFE schools their blog option of choice is Blogger, although a few had a close look at Kidblog as well for their classes.
The range of settings in the back end of blogger are not always obvious to the newly initiated either - something these lovely people were grateful to discover with having a 1-1 tutorial. Some are in boots and all, others taking more tentative baby steps into the blogosphere.

I am looking forward to seeing their confidence grow as time progresses. It also keps me in check to blog more regularly as well. Now to just make the time....

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